Physiotherapy in Prague 7 – Letná

The prime goal of our medical facility, a private physiotherapy practice, is to provide professional care for patients with mobility problems. Mgr. Stanislav Machač, Ph.D. and his team successfully care not only for top athletes but also for a wide range of patients who come for painful and limiting conditions of the locomotive system as well as for preventive bodily care. All our physiotherapists are commonly used by English-speaking patients.

The second goal of our facility is to educate health professionals in specialist areas of rehabilitation. However, this training is only available in the Czech language at that time.

Health care in our facility is not covered by public health insurance. The cost of a standard 35-50 minute  appointment is CZK 1000. In case of the cancellation of a visit less than 24h before it is due, we charge CZK 500 in advance. This will not apply in clearly urgent cases. Should we cancel an appointment within this interval, we offer a discount of CZK 500 for the following session.

Kindly bring your doctor’s report with their rehabilitation/physiotherapy recommendations, which may include, for example, advice as to particular types of physiotherapy suggested by your doctor. This will not be needed if you come simply for preventive care or for a consultation without expecting immediate treatment.

You can make an appointment by calling +420 721 365 575 or via e-mail to If we do not respond immediately, we assure you we will respond in good time!

You can find us at Letenské nám. 1, Prague 7, 170 00.

We look forward to meeting you,

Your Physiotherapeutic Team